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Your Own Golden Portrait Sculpture

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Product Code:MR10068

Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 7.0000CM
Product Width: 7.0000CM
Product Height: 9.0000CM
Product Weight: 20.0000KG
Product Packaging: 4.0000KG
₹ 409,253
Get Your Own Portrait Sculpture: Your Great Great Grandchildren will know how you looked like after thousands of years!

Get Your Own Portrait Sculpture: Your Great Great Grandchildren will know how you looked like after thousands of years!

Material: Your Own Golden Portrait Sculpture will be a Gold plated Brass sculpture.
Size: 9 inches, Head Only (including neck). please contact us for custom size
Delivery Time: 12 weeks
Instruction: You can upload your reference photos for making Your Own Portrait Sculpture below, which is under Specifications heading. Or you can also Send via E-mail Later along with your Order Id.
Mini You: "Mini You" is a replica of the same "Your Portrait Sculpture" (main sculpture) in a small size (miniature) and will be made of Simulated Polypropylene (Plastic) in White color. please contact us for custom size and material. And delivered along with the main sculpture.
Price: This above mentioned price is for the sculpture with basic requirements and with less complexity. The price may increase based on the complexity of the sculpture (which attracts complex making process) like adding Jewellery, complex hairstyle, flowers, etc.,
Durability: Durable over centuries under protected conditions and with proper maintenance.
Copyright: All creations are owned by the company or their respective 3D Model Artists and replication / reproduction of the same is strictly prohibited.

We have many stories of our great great grandparents but most of us do not know how they looked like.

Sometimes it is hard to find out the details of past generations where there is no recorded information.

How do you want to be remembered?

These questions led us to thinking in the direction of creating a long lasting, physical incarnation of one’s identity. 

The idea is to keep the roots of your Family tree for hundreds and thousands of years – imagine your great great great great great grandson/grand daughter wanting to know what you looked like. And you can fulfill the wish!

How would you do it?
With a Life-size portrait sculpture in Bronze which lasts for more than 2000 years. For that matter, you can choose different media from Die stone, Fibre Glass, Crystal to Silver and even Gold Coated Portrait Sculpture.

  • Send your Photograph
  • We will transform it into your very own Sculpture and deliver it straight to your door step!


Transform your Photo to Life-Size Portrait Sculpture with 99.9% accuracy using CNC Machines in almost no time, and there is no need to visit a sculptor or spending hours on a chair posing for the Portrait. All at an Affordable Price!

How does it Work?
Simply Shoot your Photo and submit. Our 3D Sculpting Artists transforms your photo into a 3D Model. It then gets submitted to CNC Machines which carve your completely accurate Life Sized sculpture! Then Sculptors do detailing to that machine- carved life size sculpture. Finally they will perform the process of casting a bronze (depending on the material requirement) sculpture like making a Mould, Casting, Sand Blasting, Patination and then delivery to your door step.

 Enjoy an unforgettable Special Gift to yourself and your loved Ones!

Delivery Time: Sculpted On Order and takes 45 days to deliver
Medium: 9 inches Gold plated Brass sculpture. Mini You is in Plastic. Contact us for other Medium requirements
Care Instructions: Basic cleaning with soft cloth. It can be washed occasionally without detergent
Shipping Charges: Charges depends on the location of delivery. Shipping prices & duties vary from time to time. If shipping prices change during the delivery time, the difference amount will be refunded or charged accordingly.
Shipping Info: Well packed and shipped
Additional Features: If any other Color or texture is required, please contact us

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