About us

Our founding team of Art Directors, Production Designers, Engineers, Architects and 3d Artists created MadhuRebba in the year 2011. We had started serving the Film industry since 2000, when technologies were primitive. 

In those years prior to MadhuRebba.com, we focused on Props, Sculptures, erecting micro to large sets for Feature films, building TV Studios, Talk show mini sets & Reality show grand sets, time to time we were involved in erecting large sets for events to commercial and residential interior designs. During those days gaming industry opened doors and involved us in creating virtual sets, props, characters etc... Through this journey of Art Direction & Production Design we created a fantastic library of virtual & physical models, but there was no easy way to give these to our friends or even sell them. So we took our necessity as a challenge and added our interest in the web, we created MadhuRebba.com

Our goal is to save art directors, artists, architects, game developers, visual effects studios, TV studios, Film production houses and creative professionals around the world the time of making a 3d model virtually or physically, and instead let them add their own personality to their creations. Which can be a lifesaver in a time crunch!

Our mission is the same as it was when we started: To provide the world with inspiring 3D models, 3D prints, sculptures that makes it easier to be creative on sets, and to give 3d artists everywhere a chance to make a living. 

MadhuRebba offers a 3D modelling, 3D printing and sculpting service which is open to all. We start from your 3D design to manufacturing a specific object: interior decoration, figurines, robots, miniatures, scale models. Also unlike other Internet stores which simply sell mass produced imitations imported from third world countries, we give personal touch to every piece we make. We’re bringing together a passionate, dynamic team of game changers. 

Our workshop has multi talent pool and most technically brilliant designers ever known. They use their unique blend of old school design skills with the latest software techniques, robotics that result in stunning automated large Sets, Props, etc., mostly serving film industry.

Our platform gives you access to 3D designers, allowing you to share models, upload your own 3D designs, and make them real, thanks to CNC Routing & 3D printing. Your items are then shipped directly to your door step. The workshops perform the actual printing of 3D designs, using various techniques, and handle all shipping aspects. 

Crowdfunding is a specialty of our platform:
Crowdfunding sculptures is in practice since ages for Festivals, Monuments, Ganeshas, Portraits, in Churches, Temples, etc., Now we have enabled this age- old practice online by offering - "pay through crowdfunding " option for buying sculptures, where user can go for crowdfunding on our platform by creating a crowdfunding campaign for that purchased sculpture. If over funded, the difference amount will be transferred to the crowdfunding campaign owner.