Frequently Asked Question - How much does Crowdfunding at MadhuRebba cost? (Fees & Pricing)

How much does Crowdfunding at MadhuRebba cost? (Fees & Pricing)

  • MadhuRebba's Crowdfunding platform fee on all funds raised is 5%.
  • It is free to sign up and create a campaign and fees are deducted from the funds you actually raise (not the goal you set).
  • In addition PayPal (credit card processor) charge a processing fee, based on several factors, including the currency you choose, and the country in which your bank is located.
  • Crowdfunding campaigns can accept contributions through PayPal, credit card, or both.

For funds raised through PayPal:


*PayPal fees are determined by PayPal.

*PayPal fees are charged per contribution.

For funds raised through credit card:


*Credit Card fees are charged by payments processor PayPal.

*Credit Card fees are charged per contribution.

For USD funds raised and your bank located outside INDIA:

If you raise funds in US Dollars through direct credit card contributions and your bank account is located outside INDIA, a one-time wire fee is charged by the bank.

*Credit Card fees are charged per contribution by payments processor PayPal during the run of your campaign.

*The wire fee is charged only once* by the sending bank when we send all your remaining funds (after paying to Sculpture project order) in one lump sum to your bank account after the end of your campaign which is after reaching Goal amount. Remember that you are crowdfunding to a Sculpture Project which you have placed a purchase order to us and the goal amount you set may include extra expenses like installation charges plus costs of give backs which you may require and so the remaining excess amount which you may require will be transferred to you in this set pricing conditions.

*Please note $25 wire fee is assessed per disbursement. This means that each time a disbursement is sent to your non-Indian bank account, a $25 wire fee applies.